DOLLY PARTON - Working Girl Lyrics

Some men find her sexy, some men disagreeBut if she's not, it's not because she doesn't want to beShe wears a push-up bra from freddericks, five inch high heel shoesMaybelline and rubinstein, and avon's best perfumeShe's a working girlChorus:She's a working girl, she is single and freeShe's a mother and wife and she's proud to beA working girlSome find her to aggressive, she don't know how to stopCause she's the kind that don't look down until it's from the topShe's elegant and stylish, french perfume and a furDesigner clothes by halston and diane von furstenburgAnd she's a working girlRepeat chorusShe has taken her place among the tallest of treesBut she weeps like a willow when she's brought to her kneesCause she's a working girlYou'll find her dressed according to standard uniformCause she must dress in comfort for the job she must performShe has so many faces, she wears so many namesShe goes so many places and she does so many thingsCause she's a working girlRepeat chorusFade:Repeat chorus twice

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