DOLLY PARTON - Silver & Gold Lyrics

Well, I met an old man walkin' down the streetHis clothes were torn and tatteredWith sandals on his feetAnd I stopped to help himAnd lend him a handHe said, I love you so muchBut you must understand1st chorus:Silver and gold might buy you a homeBut things of this worldThey won't last you longAnd time has a way of turning us oldAnd time can't be bought back with silver and goldAnd he said to me, let's rest for awhileFor I have some good news to share with you, childHe said, you can't change this old worldThe people need to knowThat a dear savior died hereA long, long time agoRepeat 1st chorusHis eyes shown like diamondsAnd his smile was heaven sentHis hair was long and flowingAnd his back was slightly bentAnd I knew he knew itFor that day I changedAs I watched him walk onI forgot to get his name2nd chorus:He said, silver and gold can't buy you a homeWhen this life has endedAnd your time is goneBut you can live in a world whereYou'll never grow oldAnd things can't be bought there with silver and goldTag:And time can't be bought back with silver and gold

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