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DOLLY PARTON - The Grass Is Blue Lyrics

I've had to think up a way to surviveSince you said it's overTold me good-byeI just can't make it one day without youUnless I pretend that the opposite's trueRivers flow backwardsValleys are highMountains are levelTruth is a lieI'm perfectly fineAnd I don't miss youThe sky is greenAnd the grass is blueHow much can a heart and a troubled mind takeWhere is that fine line before it all breaksCan one end their sorrowJust cross over itAnd into that realm of insanitive blissThere's snow in the tropicsThere's ice on the sunIt's hot in the arcticAnd crying is funAnd I'm happy nowAnd I'm glad we're throughAnd the sky is greenAnd the grass is blueAnd the rivers flow backwardsAnd my tears are drySwans hate the waterAnd eagles can't flyBut I'm alright nowNow that I'm over youAnd the sky is greenAnd the grass is blueAnd I don't love youAnd the grass is blue

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