DOLLY PARTON - He's Alive Lyrics

The gates and doors were barredAnd all the windows fastened downI spent the night in sleeplessnessAnd rose at every soundHalf in hope of sorrowAnd half in fear the dayWould find the soldiers breakin' throughTo drag us all awayAnd just before the sunriseI heard something at the wallThe gate began to rattleAnd a voice began to callI hurried to the windowLooked down into the streetExpecting swords and torchesAnd the sound of soldiers' feetBut there was no one there but marySo I went down to let her inJohn stood there beside meAs she told me where she'd beenShe said they've moved him in the nightAnd none of us know whereThe stone's been rolled awayAnd now his body isn't thereWe both ran towards the gardenThen john ran on aheadWe found the stone and empty tombJust the way that mary saidBut the winding sheet they wrapped him inWas just an empty shellAnd how or where they'd taken himWas more than I could tellOh something strange had happened thereJust what I did not knowJohn believed a miracleBut I just turned to goCircumstance and speculationCouldn't lift me very high'cause I'd seen them crucify himThen I saw him dieBack inside the house againThe guilt and anguish cameEverything I'd promised himJust added to my shameWhen at last it came to choicesI denied I knew his nameAnd even if he was aliveIt wouldn't be the sameBut suddenly the air was filledWith a strange and sweet perfumeLight that came from everywhereDrove shadows from the roomAnd jesus stood before meWith his arms held open wideAnd I fell down on my kneesAnd I just clung to him and criedThen he raised me to my feetAnd as I looked into his eyesThe love was shining out from himLike sunlight from the skiesGuilt in my confusionDisappeared in sweet releaseAnd every fear I ever hadJust melted into peaceHe's alive yes he's aliveYes he's alive and I'm forgivenHeaven's gates are open wideHe's alive yes he's aliveOh he's alive and I'm forgivenHeaven's gates are open wideHe's alive he's aliveHallelujah he's aliveHe's alive and I'm forgivenHeaven's gates are open wideHe's alive he's alive he's aliveI believe it he's aliveSweet jesus

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