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DOLLY PARTON - Do I Ever Cross Your Mind Lyrics

Oh, sometimes I go walking through fields where we walkedLong ago in the sweet used to beAnd the flowers still grow, but they don't smell as sweetAs they did when you picked them for meChorus:And when I think of you and the love we once knewHow I wish we could go back in timeDo you ever think back on old memories like thatOr do I ever cross your mindDo you ever wake up lonely in the middle of the nightBecause you miss me, do you darlingOh, and do your memories ever takeYou back into another place in timeAnd do you ever miss the feelingsAnd the love we shared when you were with me, tell me darlingOr do I ever cross your mindOh, how often I wish that again I could kissYour sweet lips like I did long agoAnd how often I long for those two loving armsThat once held me so gentle and closeRepeat chorus

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