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DOLLY PARTON - Behind Closed Doors Lyrics

My baby makes me proudLord, don't he make me proudHe never makes a sceneHangin' all over me in a crowd'cause people like to talkLord, don't they love to talkBut when they turn out the lightsI know he'll be leavin' with meChorus:And when we get behind closed doorsThen we let out hair hang downThen he makes me glad that he's my manAnd no one knows what goes on behind closed doorsMy baby makes me smileLord, don't he make me smileI'm never far awayOr too tired to say I want toI'm purring like a kittenWhen e's out in public with meBut when they turn out the lightsHe brings out the tiger in meRepeat chorusTag:Behind closed doors

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