504 BOYZ - Big Toys Lyrics

(krazy)What what what what what(chorus)(krazy)Who talkin noise? We makin noise504 boyPlayin with them big toys(x4)(mac)LookMotherfuckers it's macThe one who pump slugs in your backLyrical attackaKeep it ghetto like black lacquaCamo'd assasinTo the best (? ) the epitomyOf a souljaBustin like I got chips up on my shouldaHold your horsesI come through like whatchu wanna do? Murder who? I kill that whole crew with a 2-2These niggaz rookieI crush em like pink cookiesDont fuck with meWhen I'm brokePissed offAnd my bitch ain't given me no nookieKinda glad p took meOff the streets to make duckiesNow I take supermodels to hotelsAnd make whoopiePull they hairCall em out they namesDont you like that? Then I give my lil sister the cashSo she strike thatNiggaz like macRock mercedez benz toe bustasAnd I only shop at them militaryStores cousinSolja rag on my eyes till I dieNigga what? Im a tank doggThese niggaz is just mutts(arf!)(chorus)(x2)(krazy)My nigga jeff just got 30 yearsFuck mcWent in a houseFound a safe with about 3 bricksThats that punk bitch deuce-aSweatin my niggazHe wont rest until my whole click'sDoin some figgazCan we ride on my enemy's late tonite? A young niggaWith a .45Bustin on siteWhat I mightIs whether (? ) bleed with passionSee this drug game to meIs like a fatal attractionSalvation from this lifeThats what I needSee these jealous ass niggazWont let me breatheWill I succeed in this cold world? Pray for me pleaseI don't get caught up in this rap lifeA dying diseaseOver seas is where they come fromWe know who sent themIf them bitches six-teenthI believe ill get themI ain't fuckin with no new niggazBelieve I'm ballinIf I ever go to jailBig boz I'm callinWill my real niggaz ride for me? Believe they willIf I get killedBring me back to the ivoryvilleNigga(chorus)(x2)(d.i.g.)They say only God can judge meMy peepz say yeah there be world war 3Prolly in the year 2 gBut livin this street lifeIm thuggin and ready to rumbleWith any nigga that ready to tussleMotherfuckerI feel as if I'm at the edge of my lifeSo I give it to them rawIn the heat of the nightI ain't hard to findIm the nigga with the two 9'sNext to the last donNigga thugged out for mineA made manThe bossalinie of the sceneryAnd be full of that greeneryWhen you peepin meIm full of that crime familyIm on the grind and I can handle thatI ain't trappinI gotta weigh that shakeIma hit them with these ghetto ingredientsSome ghetto dopeGo round tweekinAnd get d.i.g.Thats me I'm a young niggaFuck around with me dogAnd y'all get done nigga(chorus) (x4)

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