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Cassidy - Lean Back Freestyle Lyrics

I'm so nice I'd bet my life I guess I got gambling problems
You scramblers can't handle the problems, STOP, I win a lot
When I bet so I spend a lot, the rocks on my neck they weigh more
Than a cinder block, to move forward I had to guard and defend the
Rock and I got more blocks than synagogue, Shaq style the gat loud when
I send the shots, if it's drama I'm like Douma you dinner ock
Cause you's not no contender ock, I make um sick to they gut when I
Pick up the pen and jot, I grind on summer hustle all winter ock
You working with a bird or to, you still a beginner ock
They bring in chips in when I cope, Scarface got it for 14/5
I give 'em 10 a watt, let's get around break it down get 10 a rot
My clip switch is at 6 and 10 o'clock, I workin with the raw dog
And I be in the spot, you working with the law dog you should of
Been a cop, I don't care if you've been shot been to the pen or not
Pussy I'll pull it, give you A bullet in the box
You a bitch ass nigga, snitch ass nigga, I'm the type to get cash
Quick fast nigga, Cass is a rich ass nigga, I got it on smash I make
Hits and your shit trash nigga, naw you ain't hot at all, so when the
Media asks if I fuck with a lot of y'all I'm like not at all, the last
Cat I heard rattin I knotted off, so I ain't fucking with nothing
If I'm not involved, My one liners make rhymers need tylenol, and I've
Been sick with the hook since I wrote Got it off, for kiss and Eve, I
Flip the keys, I got 20's of the Christmas trees with no sticks and
Seeds, that'll get you higher than a muthafucka, I'm a pretty type guy
Flyer than a muthafucka, I'm a hustler with time and a plan, When I
Perform it's more than ten thousand in the stands, I been getting thousands to
The grams, that's why I'm on the cover of the Source with 10, 000 in
My hand, the reason I be smiling for my fans, is because I ain't
Trying lose my deal like I'm Dylon from The Band, man, these niggaz
Acting like thugs, but they ain't never squeeze, these niggaz
Acting like bloods it's cause they ain't never bleed, we all dogs I'm
A better breed and you can't say that I don't come back to the hood
Cause I ain't never leave, and shit change, shit the same with this
Cheddar cheese, I just cop betta coke and smoke betta weed, I'm single
So I get the hoes that I want, I had the #1 single and went gold
In a month what you want

I'm tryin not to let the industry get the best of me ya'll
I work hard for the fame the game stressin me ya'll
All they do is complain what they expect from ya'll
From the hood to hollywood the accepted me ya'll
And even overseas they respectin me ya'll
All the ladies show me love the thugs reppin me ya'll
I get alot of dirty money so expect me to ball
But I'm savin all my checks I'm investin em all
They say what goes up is gon definetly fall
Even the stars but success is my destiny ya'll
I cook tracks I got the recipe ya'll
You can't name another cat that can mess with me ya'll
At the shows all the hoes be molestin me ya'll
I got broads cryin tryin to get next to me ya'll
I got broads cravin tryin to have sex with me ya'll
Screamin like cass you don't know how sexy you are.
And I'm happy I'm alive god blessin me ya'll
All the problems that arrive is god testin me ya'll
So I pray er day but I ain't prayin too much
Cause I be sinnin er day so I ain't prayin enough
And we all could be beatin I ain't sayin I'm tough
But if it's beef I don't speak I ain't sayin what's up
If it's beef when we meet then I'm sprayin it up
Pap pap I sayin too much and that's that
Cause that cat you embracin in love
Might clap that gat cause he got hate in his blood
Keep ya friends at a distance and your enemies close
Cause the ones you call friends tnd to envy the most
Them cats will hang they self if you give em a rope


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