DISTURBED - Prayer Lyrics

Another dream that will never come trueJust to compliment your sorrowAnother life that I've taken from youA gift to add on to your pain and sufferingAnother truth you can never believeHas crippled you completelyAll the cries you're beginning to hearTrapped in your mind, and the sound is deafeningLet me enlighten youThis is the way I pray[chorus]Living just isn't hard enoughBurn me alive, insideLiving my life's not hard enoughTake everything awayAnother nightmare about to come trueWill manifest tomorrowAnother love that I've taken from youLost in time, on the edge of sufferingAnother taste of the evil I breedWill level you completelyBring to life everything that you fearLive in the dark, and the world is threateningLet me enlighten youThis is the way I pray[chorus]Return to meLeave me no oneTurn to meReturn to meCast asideYou've made me turn away[chorus]

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