DISTURBED - Fear Lyrics

RejectAre you no oneFeel you nothingYou know I'll bet you thinkYou have a good reason to be livingIn the limelight of the fortunate onesYou're too weakened by the poisonThat they feed you in the living lieThey don't believe youCarr to no oneTrust in nothingLittle impotent oneI don't want to be innocent, you knowI don't want to let them hypnotize mePunk ass, are you listeningCan you hear me or are you deaf and dumb to my languageDo the real words seem to hurt youWell put em' up motherfuckerYou'll feel itWhen I stamp it on your foreheadSo you will never forgetThat you're a rejectAnd you're a no oneAnd you're nothingLittle impotent oneFear awakenGo with it nowAnd let it overcome youFear awakenYour mind is racingI don't understand why you don't like meWhy don't you like me? Am I so diffrent from youNow does it scare you that I'm able to discernWhat to love and what to burnI'll add your fuel to the fire nowStand back, brother take your hand backLeave it and I might crackMore than a smile or two you seeDon't judge what you don't understandYou can't deny what has been given to me

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