Bizzy Bone - Made shit Lyrics

Bizzy Bone

Mix master love behind the motherfuckin boards, trust and belive, special guest apperences by the one sign, hollah back (And be the rock rock rock rock) (and be the rock rock)
(and be the rock)

Bizzy Bone Chorus x2
And be the Rock rock rock rock, kill em upon the block, carry my baby wherever my baby need to go, baby give em that dim dim soft jesus christ saving, and we spirit from the holy spirit on some made shit, baby

Profetik Verse 1

I love the sea, man i live in the streets, i never met a cat to make me see the feet, up in the city leand parked and parked and stay pretty, and baby girl you kind of make some cash just hit me, money aint a thang, thesse cats is pockets change, well upon the expetition by six twisted my braids, i sit back play cool while i sip on this hen, like them chicks, colored dick, not to fat, not to skinny (feel me, baby), hey girl im feeling you too, the richer i get means im gonna trick shit too, calm, cool, collective a hard rhyme sayer, bow down in the pressence of a ohio player

Chorus X2

Bizzy Bone Verse 2

How many times one of the real steel criminals gettin ill, feeling it pick up the rythm i give em exactly a what they want to chill, you son of a bitches i tell em for real be wrong or be gone, imma sing this song and jesus giving me strenght to keep the legses stand on (hey), headed to unkown places faceing the peace, tell em remember to fell in the beefs, how many people can stop at the police (oh), i dont got no ID, and they try me, and they run around with their mansions, thesse actors tell em about me, nigga bout me,o hide me, say (?) me, live me, motherfucker never, i knew as they was meleaf, we humble and cleaver so, tell the police that we driving withouth a muthafuckin license, i knew bullicks and bullets i eat up the cows like bison, its one love, im shissier than shiesty ass kaisage, shoot in the dison, and make sure i do it once and not twice and, this is the way that we do it, and we pray like fryson, keep on praising keep on raising one love, praise god

Chorus X2

Thanks to Gambino

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