DMX - The Hood Lyrics

Shit, this shit right for the thugs in the streetdo y'all here me? Shit, and this shit right here...will get you mugged in the streetBeanie seagalBeanie segal hit hard, and I'll wire ya jawTrademark niggas eyes, give them perminant scarsTwist backwards, never catch me rollin' cigarsOnly cock and blow, dro out of perservative jarsOn the block serving like I never heard of the lawCops hit the spot fuck it, mad bro to barFuck crack, flip powder, I ain't takin' a lossPlus if I get snatched, it's less time for the songI was been known to stroll the block, hold the glockBlow dro, pick up doe, reload the spotI'm the shit with crushed ice and some arm and hammerI'm the reason why smokers steal car antenna'sI get bricks, so you know I make big nicksThe size of chiclets, that make you pricks sickWhile you try to profit, I just flip quickYa niggas know my flow be sick, my doe be quickInfra redNow when you wake upI'm wiping the cold out your eys with the barrel of the gunHolding your son, smoking bransonBlowing smoke in your face, I want the ransom and someHis shit'll get the opposite of handsomei mean I got to come cleanI've done bagged up and served every fiend mc in the feds magazineI'm what y'all haven't seeni swallow kerosene and piss out gassolineStrike a match and burn the fucking sceneI'm no joker - I could blow you in the smokeAnd make your man a second hand smoker.I'm so vulgar - I'm sendin' niggas straight back to their makerBroke, with a playstation for a cd player, see me player? I don't even play that shiti just spit and have the whole hood sayin' my shitYall got a bible? well pray in that shitWhile I smoke a scripture, reload, niggas come to rip yaNuchildPeep the illest shit that I ever wroteGun up in your mouth, hands around your throatchoke nigga choke, I'm dopeRoll me up and smoke, on contactniggas react, and play me backFor doe, I'll murder ever nigga not on this trackI spit back, at any nigga claimin' he teflonThe best don? be the next nigga get stepped onA sick dude, type to ask God you wanna battle? I could care less, send me hell I like to travelafter waxin' him, I wax youSmack you, clap you, and thats twoniggas I left lookin' like statuesI have to, bring it to these cowards that talk hardSome jail shit? never even walked through a junk yardi thump hardMake a nigga yell for crew quicka true bitch, eat a nigga up like a chew-stickToo rich, is what I plan to be in the 9-9Its all mine, fagots ride bench when it's crunch timeSo bump mine, make a nigga lean off the opiumyou ethiopianWillie niggas, we scoping 'em, and roping 'emdo a nigga rosewood styleHangin' by his weak picture, callin' his moms and his childMysonneIts mysonne, lefty, gun up in the right palmPoppin' niggas in their sleep so they die calmKill or be killed, thats the that I'm onIts desparoto style, shooting at them side armI'm bomb, see I'm dope like heroinAnd my guns got scopes, so they zero infrom here on in, know I fear no menAnd mutherfuck shootin' five, here go tenKnow that if you start a problem, there's no endYou tough? fight death and be a hero thenNiggas call me poppiseed, I'll pop your seedAnd move bricks on the block thats too hot to breathI'm a real type of nigga, that cock and squeezeY'all them second guess fagots, that cock and freezeSo I fuck with real niggas, like the lox and dAnd y'all niggas got problems, just watch and seeDrag-onI'm the kid with the unlaced boots, but'll lace youLeave a hole in your facial, the size of a bagelAll my bullets hit, never graze youif you never was shit, i'ma promise you thisI'ma front page you, i'ma young'nThe first one there, and the last one to get to runningUnless you tell me the cops comingCuz I like to feel assed out, so when they trap me I blast outI'm quiet my gun gotta bad mouthi wake up with the mad southYou know how many chinks and jews drag's done dragged out, on a cash route? Cuz when I walk in, stop the talkingI don't give a fuck if it's a nigga with a walkmani'ma put him in a coffinSoon as I step inI'm runnin' up on the nigga with the thick lensI'm tryin to get the benz with the thick rimsDouble r, soon half of us'll goto jailthe rest? the studio, 16 bars to post bail

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