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DMX - What Yall Want Lyrics

Eve:Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh ughWhat y'all niggas want, huh? Ugh, ugh, ughLubia huh? papi screamin out of they mouthBomb shell just a secondMami wanna speak outWhat I need in my lifeMake ya body freak outBaby seem like the typeMarried niggaz sneak outLike I'm ballin y'allYes I be appallin ya'llBoss type hold it downWantin all of y'allCallin y'all never chasin me downThree weeks, heartbrokenYes you hatin me nowShe speaks soft spokenTill she datin the clownI'm takin em downReel em in and makin em drownMistakeI said gimme that, but I'm takin it nowWhat I need from a niggaNegative in his soundOr dasity even askin meFor ass, I laughThis bitch is fast and freeSwatin em offWhen I see this niggas a fleaPlotin of cost for richesMillionaire wannabe, uh huhChorus: [nokio]What y'all niggas want? [what we want, wha? ]Can't touch [uh]All y'all niggaz need [what we need in our life? ]Is right here with me [uh]Sounds y'all wanna hear [who da, who dat? ]Swizz beats [uh]I'm the one you fear [why? ]It's my time, feel mePopular since I started my lifeEve you know my nameProbably the dangerous typeBrick house stallionThink you taming me right? Not this baby val philly streetsThey raisin her rightKeep it pretty or can make it gritty be a lady!Need boots pocket books and a baby 380!But prefer to keep itCalm and coolWhen I'm heated I suggest you moveJust avoid a bad situationWhat you got to prove? Leave her beChicken squakin hatin frequentlyManic man is obsessedAnd stalkin meIf heIcy enough, I'm pricin his stuffBe nicy enoughTo let him spin, I'm callin ya bluffPuttin it downRuff ryders puttin they workSnatched up the illest viscous pittbull in a skirtMakin em hurtHaters steady dishin up dirtChangin the game, settin the rulesMakin it work, uhChorusLeavin em scaredMami takin all of this hereAll of this fame I'm hungryHope you cats is preparedNiggas, set me upAnd imma take it and runThink it's a gameJust check out how my format is doneStalkin ya shineAnd I do it to perfectionMade a promise everytime I touch the micTo bless emUsed to tease me how I keep is greezyJust to test emEve handcuff niggas but I don't arrest emShorty bangHear the niggaz sayinShout my nameMake the thugish niggas screamWatchin me entertainDicks brick when I like the lipsJust keepin it plainFantasizin about this bitchGot em goin insaineOooh's and ahhh's5'7 thick in the thighsEvery thugs dream wifeSee the love in they eyesMy time to shineWhole package make her a dimeWant some more? It ain't over, just keep pressin rewind, uhChorusNokio:Uh, 99, like 2000Ruff rydersDru hillSwizz beatsEveComin for that assUh

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