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DMX - I Can Feel It Lyrics

MnSometimes, sometimes you just know, you just know, that's allHook:(I can feel it comin' in the air tonight, hold onnnnI've been waitin for this moment for all my lifeHold onnn, hold onnnnnn)The best of y'all niggas remind me of myself when I was youngerWhen it was hunger that stopped the nigga from goin' underAnd you wonder, why I pat you on your head, smileLook in your eyes and thank the lord for my childMeanwhile, somethin' I gotta show you an I hope you can take itGonna leave you in the desert, an I hope that you make itGotta put you on your ass to see what it does to youWhen you stand up an see that I'm just showin' love to youOther niggas would put a slug through you, over your endsCaps I fucked with are real, but heyThose are your friendsIts just what you got comin' sometimes you don't knowWhat you askin' for, did you ask for more? Should the casket door swing here, it is doneAn thought you was a killer, you swore you'd never runNigga died with his gun still up in the holsterIt is comin' in the air? yeah it's getting' closerHookI see life through many shades of grays and blacksI could take that an him 'em with the blazin' tracksWhen I make that you fake cats have violent dreamsTakes another dog to be able to hear my silent screamsThe devil got a hold on me an he won't let goI can feel the lord pullin' but he movin' dead slowLet 'em know that amidst all this confusionSome of us may do the winnin'But we all do the losin' it's just who does the choosin'Easy goin up or down what have you been provin'? Jus that you were fuckin' groundBitch seen the bullshit, but never spoke on itAn I know that deep down you really don't want itI woulda traded the chance of bein' the child with a fatherMovin' talent and bein' able to survive when it's harderMy balance on the high beams of life, keep my dreams in strifeThat's why I hit these motherfuckin' streets at nightCome on!HookThere's a lotta shit that I let slide, cuz it's outta my handsLotta niggas I let ride, but it's not in my plansAn a lot of my mans is not seein' through the fogFamilies by the truckload, feedin' them to the morgueFull moon, arooooo, the howlin', errrrrrrAn growlin', shhhhhh, an prowlin'Don't know love, can't show loveThat means you gonna need more loveThan on old thug, but hold up, roll upTalkin' out the side of your mouth isWhat's gonna is what's gonna let niggas knowWhy you bad in your house, an they lie up to your spouseTold her it was suicide, but you an iBoth knew the truth, for we'd never dieListen nigga, if you scared, get a dog, but be prepared, for the mobCuz you dead up in the fog, an that's your head by the logI can smell it in the air, I can tell when it's thereThis is hell an we both hereCan you feel it? tell me yeahHookArf, arfHahaAroo, arroWhoo, whoo, whoooo

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