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BRANDY - Porcelain Doll Lyrics

Verse 1:
Im staring at danger
Should I pull the trigger
Im not prepeared to take the fall
He built like a runaway
He say that he love me
But I cant seem to fall back

Cuz* of all these bags im carrying, and carry on
It feels like
Some type of weight
So i feel
But it aint right, right right right right
Betta straighten up and fly right
Cuz* he aint gon take it for too long
Im dropping my carry on
Checking it in

Im over my duffle bag
Looking like a porcelain doll
No expression at all
What a shame
So worry
Baby be my new leaf to turn
Im trying to fall hard

Verse 2:
Im staring at love
Its staring me back
Today I had the half way smile
You got me to walk
But I aint bout to run, nah
Cant get my mind right


Chorus x2*
Thanks to z for these lyrics

Thanks to Brittany for these lyrics

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