DMX - Damien Lyrics

Intro:UhDefjamUhRuffryders(the snake the rat, the cat, the dog,How you gon' see them if you livin in the fog)My nigga tp creep with me(the snake the rat, the cat, the dog,How you gon' see them if you livin in the fog)Verse 1:dmxWhy is it every move I make turn out to be a bad oneWhere's my guardian angelNeed one, wish I had one(I'm right here shorty and i'ma hold you downAnd tryin' to fuck all these bitches i'ma show you how)But who? (my name d like you but my friends call me damienAnd i'ma put you into somethin' about this game we inYou and me could take it thereAnd you'll be the hottest nigga ever livin')That's a givin'(you'll see)Hmmm thats what I've been wantin' all my lifeThinkin' 'bout my little man so I call my wifeWell your dada is about to make it happen[what you mean my nigga]I'm about to make it rappin'Today I met this catHe said his name was damienHe thinks that we're alot alike and wants to be my friend[you mean like chuckie? ]Haha yeah just like chuckie[dada looks like we both lucky]YeahHook:The snake, the rat, the cat, the dogHow you gon' see them if you livin in the fog (4x)Verse 2:(hey yo d)What up d(you a smooth nigga, I seen youBut nobody knew who pulled the trigger)Yeah, you know it's always over doe(you sure, I could've sworn it was over a hoe)Na, na that ain't my style(may you stay frontin' but you still my manAnd I ain't goin' say nothin', got yo weed go 'head smoke it[whaa? ],Go 'head drink it, go 'head 'n fuck shortyYou know I can keep a secretI'm about to have you drivin'Probably a benz, but we gotta stay friendsBlood out, blood in)Sounds good to me, fuck it, what I got to loseHmm nothin' I can think of, any nigga would chooseGot me pushin' the whips, takin' trips across seasPockets stay laced, nigga I floss g'sFor that nigga I would bleed, give him my right handNow that I think about it yo, that's my manHookVerse 3:(you like how everything is goin'You like what I gave you? [yeah]You know if you was goin' downI'd be the one to save you! [true]But yo I need a favor, these cat's across town hate mePlus their behaviour hasn't been too good lately)What!? ! anything for you dogWhere them niggas at(38th and broadway)Let me get the gatRun up on 'em strappedBust off caps on four niggasLaid low for 'bout a month and killed two more niggasNow I'm ready to chill but you still want me to kill(look at what I did for you dog, come on, keep it real)Aight, fuck it, i'ma do it, who is it this time(hey yo remember that kid sean you used to be with in 89)Naw, that's my man(I thought I was your man)But yo, that's my nigga(hey who's your biggest fan, either do it or give me your right handThat's what you said)I see now, ain't nothin' but trouble aheadHookIn the fog, the fogLivin' in the fogHow you gon' see 'em if you livin' in the fogHow you gon' see 'em if you livin' in the fogThe snake, the rat, the cat, the dogTo be continued motherfuckersHaaaaaahahaha

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