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DMX - Bloodline Anthem Lyrics

F/ dia[chorus: dia]Believe me! it's our tiiiime now to let 'em know(what? !) it's our tiiiime now to let 'em knowBelieve me! it's our tiiiime now to let 'em know(what? !) it's our tiiiime now..[dmx]I like my blunts heavily hashed, bitches heavily assedJoints ready to stash, got 'em ready to blast (what? !)Give 'em plenty and pass, the thing off (woo!) toss thatGet pulled over, we already lost that, of course black (uh!)Floss that, lose that, get that? come up off thatYou ain't choose that, but you with that, now spit back (c'mon)Y'all niggaz got me all wrong (what? !)I'm still a grimy nigga (what? !)And I still give it to you, on your song (what? !)I let you niggaz live for a minute, you get goofyTold you go 'head, drop a few albums, I'll do a movie (aight)But when I come back, c'mon dog, respect my slot (uhh)Ain't no get in where I fit in, bitch I'm straight to the top (aight)And whoever don't like it, fuck you faggot, bring it! (what? !)Nigga don't wanna walk it but, stay tryin to sing itWhat I gotta start smackin you guys around again? Don't make no motherfuckin sense, y'all some grown ass men![chorus][dmx]I don't play with you cats like I used toCause well I ain't your father (uh-huh)This time it's gon' be a little harderTold niggaz to do you, courtesy of flexPut out ... and then there was x and then there was xAnd then there was x again, ain't my next of kinJust some hardheaded dickridin grown-ass men (uhh, uhh)C'mon with the bullshit (what? !) please, don't touch thatYou might, bust yo' gun dog but we bust back (aight)And what's that, a lot of dead homiesThat ain't yours (uhh) leave it alone, you don't know meRespect the nine or catch a wreckless twenty-nine (ahh)For every bone in your spine (ahh) make a nigga recline (ahh)This whole rap shit is mine (what? !) and I'm not sharin (uhh)Niggaz gettin popped every day, not carin (woo!)Peep niggaz starin, but they don't want nuttinNowadays niggaz get it for frontin, motherfucker!Cocksuckin-ass niggaz![chorus][dmx]Now there's a lot of - bitch niggaz that's rich niggaz I stick niggaz(uhh) pick niggaz and hit niggaz I lift niggaz (uhh, uhh)Wannabe player, stay in the parkCause the grownups is over here, and we drinkin (what? !)Fuck is you thinkin? (what? !)X ain't changed, still with the same shit (uhh)Ain't with the game shit (uhh) bust leave a stain shit (uhh)Watch the game change quick (what? !)Some niggaz married to the gameNigga like me? married to the same bitch (c'mon!)I'm a dog from the hood, so I gotta rap from the hoodPut a snake and a cat to the woodMan!! if you, only knewWhat it is!! that i'm, goin throughWhen it is!! that i'm, goin through itYou ain't gon let me get ahold of that thing, cause i'ma do it! (woo!)Pop, stop drop watch and roll niggaz (uhh)Hold niggaz dog I can't control niggaz! (c'mon!)[chorus] - repeat 2x

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