Chamillionaire - Put On Freestyle Lyrics

(Chamillitary Mayne)

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Mixtape Messiah August 27th. Put that on yo' calendar.
It's Chamillionaire, I mean Koopa; aka Major Pain. Cause
I'm gonna bring the majors pain. Mixtape master of the underground.

They ask me where Texas at, and I say hold that thought;
August 27th I'm a get to that.
You either die a hero or you live to see yourself become the villan.
I've been showin' support to all the labels in my city.
Bur right now it's all about Chamilli.

When they see me do my magic, they say what the heck is Koopa on?
Texas been too quiet so that X-man about to produce a storm.
Either die a hero or the villain is what you become. Hop in my bat mobile,
Cha cha
In my pockets, in my palm. I'm about to drop a bomb. Thinkin about making
Vegetation, I'm the mixtape farmer John. So much green inside my jeans, it's like
I been a mowin' lawns. I'm the real, the rest is fake. I'm the best, the rest is Cake.

Mixtape god, I bless the tape. And I put boys in they resting place.
People always test the type and they don't neva test the face. That's the day I'm gonna be on TMZ and that day I catch a case. Think that you can take my auto and them hollows not gon' follow. Better dream of a bikini wearing genie out a bottle. Some chicks, they used to strip; asked to wax the Masserato. I say forget the wax, just make it quick just like

I hear some sharks talkin' like they gonna D.O.A. me. Go ahead jump in that water, promise there's torpedo's waiting. I dropped a lot of verses, but I know I'm proud of mines. I see the president's in front of me, I'm Obamatized. Rappers is politicians, they all be talking lies. Paparazzi like some Nazi. Pop your posse like some spies.

I used to look around me like it's prolly you that hate me. Now open up my wallet and it start illuminating. Do your damage, do it. Talk your talk and mutilate me. Money talks, Me and Ben always communicating. I know you prolly thankin why he talking all that cash. I write my lyrics in a crib as big as


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