5 CHINESE BROTHERS - Nothing But Time Lyrics

(paul foglino)For everyone who had a chance and blew itFor everyone who knew what he had to doAnd couldn't do itWhen every little bit of hopeTurns into a cloud of smokeYou'd swear that you can't take no moreBut you've been wrong beforeChorusI've got nothing but timeBut time is all I've gotAnd all my time is freeI've got nothing but timeBut time is all I've gotTill time runs out on meChorusWhen everyone who you call your friendWill stick with you right from the startBut not until the endNothing hurts like broken trustNo one said this world is justWhen every vow you've heard is brokenThere's still one that's left unspokenChorusIf you look at all I'm sure you'll findThere's no such thing as peace of mindI used to try to be preparedNow I'm not scared of being scaredChorus

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