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DIANA ROSS - I Hear A Symphony Lyrics

(brian holland/lamont dozier/edward holland, jr.)You've given me a true loveAnd every day I thank you loveFor a feeling that's so newSo inviting, so excitingWhenever you're nearI hear a symphonyA tender melodyPulling me closerCloser to your armsThen suddenly, I hear a symphonyOoh, your lips are touching mineA feeling so divine'till I leave the past behindI'm lost in a worldMade for you and meWhenever you're nearI hear a symphonyPlay sweet and tenderlyEvery time your lips meet mine now babyBaby, babyYou bring much joy withinDon't let this feeling endLet it go on and on and onNow baby, babyThose tears that seem my eyesI cry not for myselfBut for those who never felt the joy we feltWhenever you're nearI hear a symphonyEach time you speak to meI hear a tender rap so dy of love nowBaby, babyAs you stand holding meWhispering how much you careA thousand violins fill the airNow baby, babyDon't let this moment endKeep standing close to meOoh, so close to me, baby, babyBaby, babyI hear a symphonyA tender melody

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