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5 CHINESE BROTHERS - Let's Kill Saturday Night Lyrics

(robbie fulks)A dollar I make is a buck I oweAnd a forty-hour week leaves ten to blowBut every game in this town is nickel-and-dimeWhen the sun goes down it feels like the last timeDown the main drag we ride with our engines roaringIf there's a fire inside, it's the one thing goingI got a mustang loadedI got a wrong to rightI got a little red bulletLet's kill saturday nightKnock it out of it's miseryNail that coffin tightHigh living, it's historyLet's kill saturday nightThe little man's lot is a prince's lifeA prince with a lousy job, a prince with a working wifeSomething in the big frame moved, it never was so hardTo keep a twenty-inch tube and a fenced in yardBut give me one night with the moon high and the radio poundingAnd brother, this town's gonna go down kicking and shoutingChorus

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