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Dj Nicholas - Trouble (Louder Than Ever album) Lyrics

Trouble never set like rain at all,
Able shouldn't dead by Cain at all,
nuh keep sin in a yu brain at all,
if you soul lost yu no gain at all,

listen up, when the Savior call,
if yu go repent yu not the same at all,
the wicked a go moan and shame a bawl,
if out a God book them name no call,

Verse 1

Many woke up this morning,
saying, they got a lot a plans,
going to make some big dough,
and collect a lot a grands,
want to live that uptown life,
like the Issas and the Matalons,
driving the big Prado's,
the Avalanche making a lot a fans,
putting on the big stage shows,
people saying, oh what a dance,
Foota Hype pon the mike and the Killa him a chant
a which sound, no the Renaissance,
but all could be taken away, so swiftly, at a glance,
judgment catch yu a fornicate,
yu couldn't get fi pull up yu pants

Verse 2

Building yu towers and fortress,
sometimes bring more stress,
so yu got to kick back with yu Binoculars
meditate on the stars and the vortex,
giving away diamond Rolex,
there is bouncing a no cheques,
no haffi work too hard inna life again,
yu just a send a couple more tex,
now look at the success,
one time it seem so hopeless,
got so much invest yu no know wha fi do yu might,
build a Castle fi the Pope nex,
but when yu couldn't feel more bless,
when yu security fell surest,
AIDS tek over yu body, yu never did know say,
a little hole inna the Durex

Verse 3
While yu titles yu inking,
kick back listening slim thing,
yu low profile and yu rim thing,
love yu massage and yu Gym thing,
never tek the time fi bi thinking,
what if too much I'm drinking,
what if ma big ship sinking,
better find whey God live an go link him

Thanks to Lafphian

Thanks to Akilah for these lyrics

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