Bizzy Bone - Uptown Downtown Lyrics

Up in the storm, out of a mirrage
Deep in the ghetto, the Lord is in charge
Swords comin' out of my mouth, ready can't block the barrage
I'm still (dancin; on the side of the blanche)? of the road
On the rise like dough, it's fully approach the set for sure
I don't wan't no problems, problems, comin' at me fast as a bullet
Even a missle, right to the the grizzle, pain sizzlin' my mullet
God, do with it told, keepin' the fighting steady at minimum, for sure
I better listen to the granddad, baby, only God knows
Do what it do, look at the... as others would do to you
Do what it do,.. speech impedement, keepin' it true
Comin' with proof, automatic heat, with the static, gotta have it in the battle,
Trippin' in my boots, movin' in the roof, what I gotta do?
Pretty much what I told you, hey
One for the money, one for my dunny
I'm a move it like officer gunnin' on the block with Christ
Spit crack on these dummies, with the four winds tellin' me to do my thang, hunny

Keepin it rockin', hoppin' out of the truck
And getcha bucks, and we stuck in this city, idiots signed with a touch
And a crime, with a rush, come up don't show your nuts
On a line full of souls and spirits, can't be too much
And to die for the kings you teach to be just
On the minds, gotta preach, divine and rugged rough
So we calm in the mountain, wanted the youth; no lust
Let me shine, annunciation, pronouciation for your love
Hoppin the fences, cuttin my leg, goin' dutch, what
I'm a get a drink before I leave out in these cuffs, cuffs
I sit in the county, ready to bail me out, what, what
They still ain't payed the bounty, me and my lawyer gettin' crushed
It's lucky when they stopped me in Vegas, and then they come up
But I'm trusty, loyal, and faithful like angels in the dust
Tellin em', love me and leave me, BB be headin' towards the shhh
Me and my body, on the the side, we ride, the tribe is up

Headed for destinations, peoples hallucinations in the nation
Gravity, and dimensions, comin' aboard the battle station
Facin' many adversities, horses, Kentucky Derbys
Herses and dead bodies, and worse when it comes early
Man, I'm dirty, made pretty through weakness, I'm tellin' you briefly
Hey, I don't want no beef, I pray; Allah, please keep me
To the people, feed me, secretly, in the G way
Leeway (sp?), rollin' on the freeway, leave me
Please me, take me to heaven, breathin' with Jesus
He quick, with telekinises, don't believe me? go breezy
Deem it- hey, hey, I don't know what to say
Huh, let's honour the lord, and that's the only way
Gotta go, flow, ready to gotta go to work for sure
Yo, hustle to be a pro, stack paper and get your flow
Whatever it takes...
You better go keep it strong
In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Praise God


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