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Downhere - Thunder After Lightning Lyrics

This is the thunder after lightning
That’s the way storms go
I don’t feel peaceful after fighting
Cuz the fight revealed my foe
I was not totally right
You weren’t totally wrong
And I can only love you when I’m vulnerable
Love is never love until you’re vulnerable (repeat last time)
I do know that together’s where we still belong

And like most men, I’m an island
I’m an island who wants other islands near
Tell me who I am, cuz I’m too close to see
Past the imperfections ¬Ė do you see more to me?

If I give in, make it safe for me
To be open to you -- dangerously real
Cuz this new skin makes the rainfall
A hundred times more painful,
A hundred times more beautiful

Thunder after lightning
That’s the way storms go
Thunder after lightning
That’s the way love goes.

(add nighttime sounds¬Ö crickets)


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