Daniel O'Donnell - Irish Eyes Lyrics

The moonlight on the Shannon
Is a sight to see
The sunlight on Kilarny's inn
Means home sweet home to me.

Of natures many blessing
On this emerald isle
I'd give them all to see again
Your smiling Irish eyes.

To stroll again through Ansun's land
And see the water fall
To sleep beneath misage hills
In dear old Donegal.

Or walk the shores on Erin
And hear the seagulls cry
But most of all to look into
Your lovely Irish eyes.

To hear again those standing bells
Ringing heavenly
Beside the laughing water
Of your lovely lee.

Or listen to the ocean
And the wind that sighs
But most of all to see again
Your smiling Irish eyes.

--- Instrumental ---

In dreams I see your angel's wings
That breaks my lonely heart
The memory when I told you
We would have to part.

I can't forget that morning
When we said goodbye
I can't forget those teardrops
In you Irish eyes

I love you and I need you
My lovely Irish eyes...

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