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Darren Hayes - You Could Be Mine Lyrics

I wait in the darkness, frozen winds still by my face,
In the cover of darkness, I make believe it's you.
I feel you like the rain, I feel you like a stormcloud,
Building in my heart.
I wonder if you know the pain,
To want the one one thing that you haven't got.

(Just a twist in time)
You could be mine,
(Just a sip of wine
You could be,
(Just a kiss in flight)

Hand brushes by my love,
A smile fuels a steel inferno
You don't have to die to leave my world.
Stand still and you've departed.
It seems I'm not on your mind
And I'm just wasting my time,
I'm just a fool to believe.
In the depth of the night,
Can you feel me inside?
I wish that you could just see...

(Just a twist in time)
That you could be mine,
(Just a sip of wine)
You could be mine
(Just a kiss in flight)
That you could be mine, ooooh.

Oh won't you leave me in the darkness?
Take away the pride, all the dignity that's burning inside.
Can't you see I'm standing naked?
I'll bear all the crosses, and the crucifixes you can provide.

If you could decide.

Ooooooh Oooooh

(Just a kiss.........)

Thanks to Andy for these lyrics

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2012-03-19 08:18:36 by anonymous
Even i`m a guy, i can admit the dude has a sexy voice..i'm pretty sure that the amount of girls he gets from that voice must be mind blowing :D