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David Haas - You Make All Things New Lyrics

God, you make all things new
Wash us¬ócleanse us¬óbreathe your Spirit into us

I will draw you from the nations
Gather you from exile
And bring you home, bring you home.
I will wash you in fresh water
Rid you from the filth of idols
And make you clean again. (Refrain)

I will make you a new heart; breathe new spirit into you
I will remove your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh
I will give you my own Spirit to lead you in my ways--
Faithful to what I command (Refrain)

Then I will give you the land (breathe your Spirit into us)
The land that I gave your ancestors (breathe your Spirit into us)
You will be my people (breathe your Spirit into us)
And I will be your God (breathe your Spirit into us)
And I will be your God (5X) [Refrain]


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