DEPECHE MODE - I Want You Now Lyrics

I want you nowTomorrow won't doThere's a yearning insideAnd it's showing throughReach out your handsAnd accept my loveWe've waited for too longEnough is enoughI want you nowMy heart is achingMy body is burningMy hands are shakingMy head is turningDo you understandIt's so easy to chooseWe've got time to killWe've got nothing to loseI want you nowAnd I don't mean to soundLike one of the boysThat's not what I'm trying to doI don't want to beLike one of the boysI just want you nowBecause I've got a loveA love that won't waitA love that is growingAnd it's getting lateDo you know what it meansTo be left this wayWhen everyone's goneAnd the feelings they stayI want you now

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