DEPECHE MODE - Breathe Lyrics

I heard a rumourThey travel farYou know what it's likeThe way people areThey talk and they talkThough they don't understandThey'll whisper and whisperAnd lie on demandPlease tell me nowI want to knowI have to hear it from your lipsSay it's not soI heard it on mondayAnd I laughed a whileI heard it on tuesdayI managed to smileI heard it on wednesdayMy patience was triedI heard it on thursdayAnd I hurt insideI want to knowThe depths of your mindTell me this whole thing is madnessAnd we're doing finePut your little hand in mineAnd believe in lovePut your head on my chestAnd breathe loveBreathe loveBreathe loveBreathe loveI heard it from peterWho heard it from paulWho heard it from someoneI don't know at allI heard it from maryWho heard it from ruthWho swore on the bibleShe's telling the truthI heard it from simonWho heard it from jamesConfirming with sarahThat I was to blameI heard it from josephWho heard it from johnWho said with convictionThat all hope was goneSo I need to knowYour alibisI need to hear that you love meBefore you say goodbyeBefore you say goodbyeBefore you say goodbyeBefore you say goodbye

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