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CHAKA KHAN - What Cha' Gonna Do For Me Lyrics

All night and dayJust chippin' awayIt's all in a day's workTryin' hard to defendThe time that I spend aloneThe crown that you loseExploiting the bluesWon't get the job doneAs hard as it bitesI'm keepin' my sights on youChorus:What cha' gonna do for meWhat cha' gonna do for meWhat cha' gonna do for meWhen the chips are downIn the cool of the nightWhen nothing seems rightThe feeling can take youStrange as it seemsYou make your own dreams come trueIf you try to concealThe way that you feelYou're asking for troubleJust as sure as I cryI'm keeping my eye on youChorus (2x)You don't have to tell meI'm to blame for this'cause what you hold against meIs what I miss

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