CHAKA KHAN - Papillon Lyrics

A faded photograph I mailed to youWith feelings I don't want to faceAnd a long song of surrender in blueI remember when you took my breath awayChorus:Chanson papillon, we were very youngLike butterflies, like hot butterflyChanson papillon, we had just begunWe let it slide on byWe didn't realizeAll our memories are burning in timeLike a bittersweet perfumeCan you tell me how a love that's so fineCould have climaxed in a single afternoonGone are the days of instant romanceAnd the nights of slow goodbyesThat was a time of life when foxy was the danceBut then you got wise to all my liesChorusChanson papillon, chansonChanson papillon, chansonChanson papillon, chansonChanson papillon, chanson

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