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Cassidy - Ice Cream (Freestyle) Lyrics

I go by the name of Cassidy,
I'm with tha boy DJ Clue... Ok
Er'thing I right nice, I freestyle er'day dough. Money ain't nuffin I'm hustlin while gayoe. I stay on my jayoe play the passenger side of the Gini, eatin fetticini alfrado. My chick ass fat but her waist tini like J-Lo, I ball but I'm not in the league I'm like A-Yo. By the way yo I get mine soft like play-doe, my coke off white like mayo. Yo u betta lay low for get laid dow whole lot a cats that had heart is in the grave now, whole lot cats that was smart is in a cage now, that's y I stays with the pound don't put my blade down. I'm paid now I got G's with me, I can't rely on security to squeeza fa me. Cus b-leve u me, wen the chrome to ya dome occy, ya bodyguards gon be tryna guard they body. I can write the best verse u ever heard in ya life and then rip it up, ya greatest hits like mixtape shit to us, stayed with a spliff in a cup, stayed twistin up, lick it up off the hawk I hemmy then hip it up, and my wrist man I lit it up. My bezel got so many pebbles Bam-Bam culd
N't lift it up. But try to stick me up bam bam stiffen up, ain't stitchin up them hoes ya soul lifin up. But still pinches on the stove whippin up, thinkin bout them Fraklin stankin the kitchen up. Yep. I stealin and dealin the cokebags, bein I'll with the pen-cil and the notepads, I ben hot from the start and I ain't jus battle rapper, hotel on the top of the charts. I deal the weight, I realestate and go shoppin fa art. And dog I'll cock it and spark.


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