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dj ironik - Our Life Story Lyrics Lyrics

huuh humm

Its Ironik
Listen .. Look

Let Me Show Yuih Da Real Deal.. Neva Met My Dad But Im Here Still
Still Livin It Up I Aint Givin It Up
I Want A Mill Deal
And I Kno Dat Yuih No How I Feal So I Dnt Regreat Da Fact Dat Yur Not Here.. Me Onli Havin A Mum Is Not Fair So Iv Got A Step-Dad Nd Dats Whi He's Here
.. (Dats Why He's Here For Me..He Does Dis For Me..Does Dat For Me..Sumut Dat Yuih Waznt Here To Do..(Man)..Now I Dnt Av Care For Yuih..Im Not Here For Yuih..Im Livin Mii Life Nd Its So Nice..And My Music Its Offerly Intrest..)
I Have Fans All Ova Da World Right Over Da Globe
Ma Mum..Step-Dad..Sister And Friends Is All Ii Need..Dey Got All Mah Luv Lank (Trust Me Man..Dats How Life Is Yuh Get Me..But Life Goes On..We All Learn Dat..Dis Beat Man..Bare Emotians..Trust Me..We Got Big Lyrics..(Look)

So Look Were I Am Now..Got A Little Fame
And Iv Gota Look Were I Stand Now..Cuz Iv Got So Much Haterz..Nd Iv Gota Keep Da Papers To Wat Dey've Planned Out..Got Haterz Wiv Bit Of Crap Food..Nd I Did Dis Shit On Mah Own G..Dey Hate Cuz Dey Not In Mii Shoes..Nd Females Wana Get To Kno Me..Eniwaiz Mii Haterz I Dnt Keep Focus..Cuz Im Bettah Den Dem Nd Dey
Kno Dis..Onli Care For Da Fame..Nd My Name Dat I Make Man Say..But Dere Yah Go..Dats My Life..Hustlin For Fa P..Nd A High Price..Nd Im Sorted Dats Wat Dey Do WatI Do Wen Dey Try Reverse Me Nd A Bater Size

Dear Diary Life's For Me's Kinda Fucked
I Aint Wiv Hurdos Enimore
I Dnt Want A Wifey Enimore Even Tho Wens Shes Around She Brighterns Fingz Up
But Ona Real All Dis Wifey Fingz Fuked Cz Im In Luv Wiv Da Roads Nd Im In Boss To Da Roastle But At Da Same Time Shes Respecting Me To Tighterin Fingz Up Between Me Nd Her At First I Waz On It But Dis Beef Ting Got Between Me Nd Her
Now Im Onli Boverd About Dis Guy Dats Tellin People Dat Its Me He' Guna Merk
FUCKDat He Knows Im Not A Prick Im A Bert ..
He Cud Neva Take Me For Chick Im A Curt
People Chattin Shit In A Verse So Fuck It I Did Rap The Blick Wen I Burst
Dat Day Wz Da Worst
Fuck It That Day Waz Fucked Up
I Lost My Tempah So Bad
I Tried To Burn His Face
Me Trien Ta Burn A Waste
Bak Den Waz Obversly Mah Worst Mistake
Cuz Now Im At Home Wiv A Courfue
And An Atempted Murder Case

Huuh huum

Thanks to Lauren_xX

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