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Crabb Family - It 's Time To Go Back Home Lyrics

Verse I:

I read about a man who lost a fight against temptation
He left the comfort of the ones who loved and cared for him.
He thought he had to see the world and all the great creation.
But he never realized the price that he would pay for sin.
One morning he awakened from a night of riotous living.
Searching for a dollar wondering where his friends had gone.
With his troubled mind so weary, his body tired and lonely,
His heart said son, "it's time to go back home."


It's time to go back home, it's the right thing to do.
There's a pillow there to rest your weary mind, and the one you left is still loving you.
Just turn yourself around, on that path of sin.
Those footprints that carried you away, will take you home again.

Verse II:

Ole Satan tries to trap you in this life of mass confusion.
He sets his great temptations to make a Christian fall.
He brings out all your failures and tells you that you're losing.
Then makes you think that you're against the wall.
But don't forget your Father, who is watching his dear children
Though you may have fallen, he wants you to see it through
He knows where you have drifted, and the mess you have gotten in
He's waiting at the house to forgive you.

Words and music by Gerald Crabb

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