Crabb Family - It Aint New Lyrics

I heard somebody talking just the other day
About this new religion and much they had to say
They talked about the freedom, how they lift their hands
And shout aloud the praises to the great I Am
When I could hold back no longer, I said excuse me if I'm rude
But that ain't nothing new, it ain't new

It's been around since Pentecost, two thousand years ago
When the Holy Ghost came down and filled those hungry souls
Millions are discovering what the power of God can do
But it ain't new, oh, it ain't new

Peter stood on that great day and lifted up his voice
Remember Joel prophesied and now it is your choice
This promise is to every one that our Lord God shall call
If you can just receive the Word it is for one and all
The Spirit that came down that day will dwell in me and you
But it ain't new, oh, it ain't new

(repeat chorus)

Well it came down at Pentecost
Filled the believer and touched the lost
It gave them joy and set them free
It caused the people to come and see
They were shouting with souls on fire
Filled with the Holy Ghost endued with power

(repeat chorus)

Background vocals by Michael English and Jason Crabb

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