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Crabb Family - I Could Tell You Had Forgotten Lyrics

Verse I:

Through tear-filled eyes I sought for your forgiveness,
For a failure that had happened in my life.
Haunted by a memory that wouldn't let me live in peace,
Lord let your mercy end this pain and strife.


I could tell you had forgotten what I was talking about.
You were not even bothered with what was bringing me down.
I saw grace and forgiveness were accomplished no doubt
When you could not remember what I was talking about.

Verse II:

It amazes me how that ole cross could handle sin forever.
Just one drop of your blood makes me clean
God's work of grace completed, sin's hold on me defeated.
So far removed the past cannot be seen.

Words and Music by Gerald Crabb

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2012-03-07 10:45:59 by crazy_cube
great stuff...and this is a great version:D