COLLECTIVE SOUL - Smashing Young Man Lyrics

Beggar's descriptionOf what I've been missingExploit your positionDon't think I didn't listenHey I hope you're feelingA little better nowSuccess is so tragicPain is your gadgetYour tongue's just lashingJust bitching by habitHey I hope you're feelingA little purer nowHey I hope you're feelingSecurer nowHelp me I pleaI don't understandYour ways and meansYou smashing young manHelp me to seeThe good you have plannedYou're wearing thinYou smashing young manYou preach synthetic-likePeace is an oversightIt's nothing to igniteYour self-lit spotlightHey I hope you're feelingA little special nowHey I want to tell youI think you're special nowI don't recall asking for guidanceI don't recall wanting toI don't recall bowing before youBut I'm so impressedWith the kindness in your attitude

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