Hey your thirstyWalking in the desert all aloneHey you're now searchingLost in isolation from your soulThe bullets you biteFrom the pain you requestYou're finding it harder to digestAnd the answers you seekAre the ones you destroyYour anger's well deployedHey why can't you listenHey why can't you hearHey why can't you listenAs love screams everywhereHey you now hungerFeeding your mind with selfishnessHey you now wanderAimlessly around your consciousnessYour prophecies failAnd your thoughts become weakSilence creates necessityYou're clothing yourselfIn the shields of despairYour courage now impairedYour crucify all honestyNo signs you see do you believeAnd all you words just twist and turnReviving just to crash and burnYou're fighting to the bitter endIf only your heart could open upAnd listen

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