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Jamie Foxx - The Brady Bunch Theme Lyrics

Here's a story of a lovely lady oh oh who Was Bringing Up Three Very Lovely Gurls All Of Them With Hair Of Gold Like There Mother
The Youngest One In Curllllsssss Yea Yeah Yeah Til The One Day When The Lady Met This Fellow (How U Doing How U Doing?)And They Knew They were Much More Than A Hunch
Well Its True They Must Someow Form A Family (I Hear You Playa)
Thats The Way We All Became The Brady Bunch Whhsssp The Brady Bunchh Yea The Brady Bunch Oh Ohhh Yea Thats The Way That We Became The Brady Bunchh Oh My Lord The Brady Buuuuuunnnnnccccchhhhhh Oh Yea The Brady Bunch

Then U Break It Down Like Babyface
Cuz U Know Babyface Will Break It Dow Like (Sounding Lilke Him) Thats The Way That We Became The Brady Bunnnch And I Love To Be Watchin It Ohh Love Watchin It U Love Watching
Or U Could Break It Down Like Luther O Town Cuz U Know Luther Will Break It Down Like (Also Soundin Like Him)
Braaddy Bunnch I Said (Pause) Brady Bunch Brady Bunch Its Driving Me Crazy To Think That Ms Braddy Woh Woh Woh Woh Yeaaahhhh

Or What If It Was Prince (Soundin Like Him)(High Pitch) Wheeeee Chweee Cuz U Know Prince Will Break It Down Like Ohhhhhhhhaaaaaa Ohhhhaaaaaaa Brady Owwww Ohhhaaaa Yeaaahhhhhhhhhhhh

Thanks to Medz for these lyrics

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