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DMX - Buff Ryders (skit) Lyrics

[Eve:] I use to be shy and now I'm a Ruff Ryder

[Man:] The Ruff Ryders, the Ruff Ryders, Ruff Ryders, I'm a Ruff Ryder baby, Wussup

[Eve:] Nigga you can't be serious

[Man:] Whatchu talkin about?

[Eve:] You not even a Ruff type nigga

[Man:] I'm a Ruff type nigga baby, you don't know ruff, I'm ruff. You talkin about Ruff Ryders here...

[Eve:] Nigga, you a fuckin clown....

[Man:] What are you talkin bout, I'm a clown? I'm a Ruff Ryder baby, don't even play yourself. R-O-U-G-H-F, Ruff Ryder

[Eve:] See, you can't even spell the words Ruff Ryders

[Man:] I know what I'm talkin about

[Eve:] You're not a Ruff Ryder

[Man:] I'm a Ruff Ryder, I'm a Ruff Ryder

[Eve:] You're NOT a Ruff Ryder

[Man:] I am a Ruff Ryder

[Eve:] You know what you are?

[Man:] What?

[Eve:] You'z a Buff Ryder...

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