Bobby Valentino - If I Had My Way Lyrics

Wuddup (uh huh)
It's your boy Bobby V
I'm back girl (uh huh)
If I had my way
If I had my way it'll be you and me (DTP)
Forreal (Darkchild)
Lets make it happen (Bobby V)

[Verse 1:]
If I had my way
Slowly we both regret our oaths to somehow be faithful but we both know
that we're missing out on love and we feel it when we see eachother
and we're with the ones we dont love
girl you know i know the way we feel aint gon' change

If I had my way
she wouldnt be with me
he wouldnt be with you
it would be you and me

If I had my way
you would give into me
and you'd be here next to me
and you would tell him to leave
If I had my way

it so crucial were on this road together it's always been ineviatable
that you got yourself a man and i got myself a friend
we both know that if we act on this how far it will go
girl you know i know the way we feel aint gonna change oh girl


Baby you know this feels so right you and I
and we know that the time is right for us to shine
ima tell my girl that she's gotta bounce baby
and u gonna tell your man he needs to be out Ooo

[Chorus x2]

My way... [repeat until finish]

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