dj ironik - stay with me Lyrics

Brother and sister together we'll make it through (ohh yeah)
someday a spirit will take you and guide you their
I know you've been hurtin'
But i've been waitin to be there for you
And ill be there just helpin' you out
Whenever i caaan
Everybody's free (everybodys free ohh ohh yee)
This one is for all the people sharing love
It's appreciated
It's Ironik

Stay with me (Lifes crazy man)
Don't fall asleep too soon (People come and go)
The angels can wait (But when the closet one goes its the hardest thing ever)
For a moment
(They can wait for a moment i promise)
Stay with me
(Please stay)
Don't fall asleep to soon
(Dont cry)
The angels can wait
For a moment.
(They can wait for a moment)


Don't cry for me when I'm gone
No point of wasting tears, our
Time will come one day and I'm
Just confronting my fears
Though it's not really a fear
It's more like a destiny
Sometimes I sit and wonder is this
Life really for me? 'Cos
I've seen, seen, heard, felt and done. I hope ur proud of
Where I've come, you've seen me
Grow and helped me through,
And there is no repayin' you,
I'm here and I feel like I'm
Delayin' you, betrayin' you,
And when I'm gone I hope there's
Someone savin' you.

Stay with me
Me don't fall asleep too soon
the angels
Can wait for a moment
(They can wait for a moment)
Stay with me don't fall asleep
Too soon the angels can wait for a moment.


I wanna see your face
Every time I come home 'cos
I can't leave u like this
In this cold world alone,
But, in this life we live in,
Who knows when I'll be gone,
I don't wanna leave you
With 'what if's?, now I'm in for
Long (To the world)
There's too much to prove,
And Sometimes I wonder what I
Really have to lose, and then
I really see it's not all
About me, I wanna shield you from
This harsh, mad reality, it's real lyrics.

Stay with me, don't fall asleep
Too soon the angels can wait
For a moment(they can wait for a moment i promise)

It wasn't meant to end like this
(It wasn't meant to end like this)not without you! No.


And life gets risky sometimes
But you gonna take chances
Life's a game but you gonna risk it
Lifes so crazy but i've lived mine well
I hope you do the same thing
And i hope you dont fail
If anybody trys to bring you down
Just be strong
Dont argue the fact
That you're right and they're wrong
Listen to my lyrics
Thats why i wrote this song
So that you could be influenced
And just stand there strong
Everybodys human
And everybodys equal
So dont listen to nobody
Cause everybodys people

Stay with me, don't fall asleep
Too soon the angels can wait
For a moment
Stay with me dont fall asleep
Too soon the angels can wait
For a moment

(Life's a game and you need to
Play it correctly, do the
Right moves and don't get caught
Up in those amess,
Be calm, don't be stressed,
Be sure to pass your test,
Stand your ground and don't let
Others put you to the test)

Stay with me
Cause they can wait for a moment

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2013-06-01 00:07:53 by anonymous
It disappered when it stopped I luv this song,it inspires me, yet,it makes me thinkin a good way, :)
2013-06-01 00:05:22 by anonymous
I kept this song on loop, and for some reason, I got this weird feeling of sadness and love.......
2013-05-05 00:18:28 by anonymous
da song rily inspires mi
2013-05-03 20:52:56 by anonymous
brilliant song!!! this is the lyrics raps supposed to have
2012-03-13 14:39:24 by oanastefan
First i didn't liked the song...but after a few listenings I totally get it and now i LOVE IT!!! The lyrics are really touching me