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David Haas - Be Born in Us Today Lyrics

1. Through the winter and the cold, our faith can weaken and grow old;
so we ache to find a song of a God, one to whom we can belong.
Instead of power shown as might, a tiny baby is your light;
we find a child who sings the way. Come now, be born in us today.

2. Christmas comes and Christmas goes, yet pain and violence sadly grow.
We cry and hurt. When will it end?
Is there a savior, a messiah whom you'll send?

We pray in hope, please hear our cry, or is the story just a lie?
We need the child to show the way. Come now, be born in us today.

3. In this time of joy and cheer, we find resentment, bound by fear;
called to believe, but we are blind, give us a reason, a lifeline we can find.
Poisoned by selfishness and hate, how much longer must we wait?
This child brings life to our decay. Come now be born in us today.

4. Give us a sign that you are real. Numb though we are, help us to feel.
There's only one gift that we need, a manger, too, where all can come and feed.
We need to know we're not alone, a place of safety, a home.
Although the cross is here to stay, come now, be born in us today.
Come now be born in us today.

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