David Haas - God is Alive Lyrics

1. Sing your joy, proclaim God's glory!
Rise and sing, the morning has come.
Bless our God and praise all creation;
Song of the earth, and light from heaven:
God is alive! Alleluia!

2. All the earth is filled with rejoicing,
Light and life the wonder of God!
Christ has triumphed! Risen forever!
Joy of our hearts, and hope of our dreaming:
God is alive! Alleluia!

3. May we learn to become your Kingdom.
May we be your kindness and truth!
Love is our calling, gift of your presence;
Children of God, and spirit of Jesus:
God is alive! Alleluia!

4. Light our way, O God of the living,
May we learn to see with new eyes!
Jesus the Lord, our power and promise;
Light for the blind and food for the hungry:
God is alive! (5x) Alleluia!

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