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David Haas - Before I Was Born Lyrics

Refrain: You made me, you formed me,
||: you kept me alive long before I was born. :||

1. You have sought me out and found me.
You know where I sit or stand.
You know the depths of my heart whenever I move or rest.
||: You find me wherever I am. :||

2. Before the word comes from my mouth, you know what I want to say.
You come close to me. You lay your hand upon me.
||: All of this is too much for me. :||

3. How can I ever hide from you? Where can I run from you?
Above and below -- you are there. To the dawn or to the sea -- you are there.
||: Your hand will guide my way. :||

4. You have created every inch of me. You have knit me to my mother's womb. You have record of all my days, long before they ever began.
||: How amazing your thoughts , O God. :||

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