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DOLLY PARTON - Mule Skinner Blues (Blue Yodel No 8) Lyrics

(Jimmie Rodgers - George Vaughn)

Well, good mornin' Captain
Good mornin' to you sir, hey, hey, yeah
Do you need another mule skinner
Down on your new mud run, hey, hey, yeah.

--- Yodel ---

Well, I'm a lady mule skinner
From down old Tennessee way, hey, hey
And I can make any mule listen
Or I won't accept your pay, hey, hey
I won't take your pay.

--- Yodel ---

Well, hey, hey, little water boy
Come boy bring your water round hey hey
If you don't like your job
Well, you can throw your bucket down
Throw it down, boy, throw it down.

--- Yodel ---

Well, I've been worked it down in Georgia
At the Greasy Spoon Cafe hey been workin' in Georgia
Just to let a no good man go and spend pay, hey, hey
I'm sick of this mule skinner.

--- Yodel to fade ---

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