Stephen Kellogg - Blue Jean Lyrics Lyrics

I know you don't like when I say this
It was there in the letter you sent
I've been so long in this shadow
I've been wondering where the light went

I've been wondering where the light went in this home
You know lately I've been feeling so alone

He was 19, I called him "Blue Jean"
He was his parent's first accident
He had long hair, drove like a nightmare
And I followed him everywhere he went

He played the guitar, watched all the big stars
Moved away after one year of school
Joined in the Marines, made it about 8 weeks
But to me, he was the epitome of cool

When you're young you can go either way
For my part, I believed in you then
But it's been so long since we saw what you looked like
And these days I don't fight anyone

The mail came on a Monday, hurt in the worst way
Said that he'd been busted up in Maine
Now he's doing 8 years, it's all of our worst fears
And this family here ain't never been the same

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