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CARPENTERS - I Need To Be In Love Lyrics

The hardest thing I've ever doneIs keep believingThere's someone in this crazy worldFor meThe way that people come and goThru temporary livesMy chance could come and I might never knowI used to say no promises,Let's keep it simpleBut freedom only helps you sayGood-byeIt took a while for me to learnThat nothin' comes for freeThe price I've paid is high enough for me(*) I know I need to be in loveI know I've wasted too much timeI know I ask perfection ofA quite imperfect worldAnd fool enough to think that'sWhat I'll findSo here I am with pockets fullOf good intentionsBut none of them will comfort meTonightI'm wide awake at four a.m.Without a friend in sightHanging on a hope but I'm alrightRepeat twice (*)

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