CELINE DION - Refuse To Dance Lyrics

Got your invitation to the danceWear your party dressMaybe I was just an innocentBut I confessI never even knew the songThe orchestra was playingSee the cuties in their party clothesOh it's getting warmOff the shoulder cut into the hipLike a uniformDid you think I'd want to tow the lineWell now the line is broken(chorus)Refuse to danceRefuse to danceRefuse to danceRefuse to danceYou said you're such a pretty thingYou could make a markI'll teach you all the steps you'll needGuide you through the darkSuddenly I tought I knew the songThe orchestra was playing(repeat chorus)See how they followYou say jump. they jumpYou say turn. they turnLook back in sorrowI won't be there(repeat chorus to fade)

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