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CELINE DION - Love By Another Name Lyrics

Somewhere past midnightWhen the moment is just rightWe ride the streets of desireWe take it slow andAlways get where we're goin''cause where there's smoke there's a fireThere's no denyingWe don't need to keep tryingLet's face the music and danceWell it's all semanticWhat we never sayBut what we feel ain't goin' away . . .So I wonder - how could we be feelingMore than thisTell me trueWhat it is, 'causeSomething has to make us feel this wayLove by another nameDoesn't matter 'cause it's still the same loveWon't depend on the words we sayLove by another nameSomething happens when we're making loveSi ce n'est pas l'amourQu'est-ce que c'est? We're superstitiousWhen every day is like christmasIt should be left undisturbedNo promise spokenHearts don't have to get brokenMore than a four letter wordIf we're just pretendingWe can write a new endingIf we don't like where it leadsWell it's new romanticAction over wordsThe sweetest nothings that I've heardI can't tell you everything I'm feelingMore than thisDo you knowWhat it is, 'causeI know that I can't describeWhat I'm feeling insideMaybe I'll learnI guess I live with the fearThis could all disappearIf I try to put in words

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